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2018 Summer Leagues are forming!


Click here for more information!

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Why NOW is the Time to Book Your Holiday Party!

Summer came and went. Then everyone was stuck behind a yellow bus on their morning commute because it was back to school time. Now, all of a sudden, its holiday season! Waiting until mid-December to stress out about hosting a holiday party can cost you. However, NOW is the time. Want to know why? Below are 8 reasons why you NEED to have us host your Holiday Party, NOW!

  1. *Eggnog. If this doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will.
  2. *Christmas Cookies. Enough Said.
  3. Time is Crucial. The earlier you set the date, the better turnout you’ll have. It’s the busiest time of year and it’s important to have your party details locked in early so guests can plan around it. Don’t forget, the early bird catches the worm. Make sure you have a reservation with us early or you’ll be stuck having your […]
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Bowl to a Healthier You & Kids Bowl FREE!

bowling-696121_640In addition to being one of the oldest sports, bowling has a wide and varied range of health benefits.  In addition to its long history Bowling is also the nation’s largest participation sport, with over 25% of all Americans bowling over the course of a year.  Not only is it an inexpensive and enjoyable sport, but it also brings a host of other benefits as well.  Though you may know a few of these, we bet you won’t think of all ten- at least not right away!

Here’s a few, courtesy of Health Fitness Revolution:

  • Muscle toning and strengthening. Bowling is a good workout for your lower body and walking with and throwing the ball tightens joints and ligaments.
  • Weight loss. Depending on your effort and weight, you can burn between 175 and 300 calories per game bowled.
  • Improve social life. Over two […]
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#SuperBowlCardinal – Predict the Winner and the Score and Win FREE Bowling for an entire year!


Win Free Bowling for a Year!

That’s right, we are doing it again!  Pick the winner and the score of Super Bowl 50 and one lucky winner will win free bowling for a year!

Last year’s contest was such a success that we couldn’t resist repeating it! We’ve made it even easier to enter this year and created five ways for you to enter:

  1. Comment on our Instagram post the winner and final score with #SuperBowlCardinal before 2/5/16.
  2. Comment on our Facebook post the winner and final score with #SuperbowlCardinal before 2/5/16.
  3. Tweet the predicted winner and final score to @CardinalLanes with #SuperBowlCardinal before 2/5/16.
  4. Enter your prediction in our mobile App by clicking on the SuperBowl Tab and submitting form.
  5. Head below and fill out the form to submit your Super Bowl 50 Blog Entry!

Good Luck!



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Birthday Party Fun!

Birthday Package Grid

Book Your Child’s Birthday Party Now!

Never worry again about your child’s big day getting rained out again!  Our great birthday parties feature a cool and comfortable environment featuring all the games and fun that’ll make their day one they’ll be talking about!

Check out our two packages built to work with groups of all sizes and all budgets. Both feature:

  • A fun and food filled two hours!
  • An hour and a half of bowling, with balls, shoes and bumpers included.
  • Tokens for all the latest games.
  • Pizza- your choice of pepperoni or cheese- and drinks for your child and nine of their friends! For a little bit more, add as many more friends as you’d like.
  • An official bowling pin to commemorate the special day.

Call with any questions at 910-799.3023 or sign up here. to get your party started!  We can’t wait […]

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