bowling-696121_640In addition to being one of the oldest sports, bowling has a wide and varied range of health benefits.  In addition to its long history Bowling is also the nation’s largest participation sport, with over 25% of all Americans bowling over the course of a year.  Not only is it an inexpensive and enjoyable sport, but it also brings a host of other benefits as well.  Though you may know a few of these, we bet you won’t think of all ten- at least not right away!

Here’s a few, courtesy of Health Fitness Revolution:

  • Muscle toning and strengthening. Bowling is a good workout for your lower body and walking with and throwing the ball tightens joints and ligaments.
  • Weight loss. Depending on your effort and weight, you can burn between 175 and 300 calories per game bowled.
  • Improve social life. Over two million Americans bowl in leagues each week and the socialization with other bowlers can help ease loneliness and depression.
  • Reduce risk of disease. Like all sports, bowling helps diminish any impact from the more sedentary portions of your lifestyle.
  • Can be enjoyed at any age. Bowlers of almost any age enjoy the game and increasingly more bowling centers are able to accommodate bowlers with a wide range of personal challenges.
  • Stress relief. The physical activity of bowling helps remove stress.
  • Easy to learn. Unlike some sports, bowling has few rules and novice players can be enjoying their first game in mere minutes.
  • Healthy heart. Exercise and the adrenaline felt during a game increases your heart rate.
  • Hand-eye coordination. If you’ve ever bowled you know it’s a bit harder than it looks the get the ball to go where you want it to!
  • Fun for the whole family.  The rules of the game are easy to understand and equipment and scoring is all provided for you.

Summer Kids Bowl Free Program!

Plus, if you’re looking for something for the kids to do over the summer, you’ll definitely want to check out Kids Bowl Free.  Registration is free and can be completed here.  Once registered each child can get two free games of bowling every day over the summer.  It’s a great program that we heartily recommend as a great way to engage or reintroduce your kids to our favorite game!

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