Summer Leagues are just around the corner…

Have you ever thought about doing something fun with some friends on a regular basis? Life gets busy. Work, kids, hobbies, chores, and so many other things distract us from the simple joys of laughing or sharing a beer with friends.

All of the sudden, months have gone by and you realize you aren’t making the time anymore. It isn’t that you don’t want to, it’s just that you are busy with the rigors of daily life.

Recently we discovered that when people commit to something, especially something as short as 16 weeks, they set that time aside for friends and loved ones.

Cardinal Lanes bowling leagues are a fantastic way to meet up one night a week and stay in touch. They are more affordable than just about any other activity, and you will be building memories that last a lifetime.

Our new summer leagues will be posted this week. Please join by emailing Ken Macior  at